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In the dreams of Micki
....a parallel universe
Recent Entries 
28th-Sep-2014 07:48 pm - Pandora's Heart
Silver stars
     The woman has no heart
           but she must cry
              The woman has no soul
       but she must survive

     In the beautiful sunshine she basks
Yet she wanders in darkness

When the blazing sirens of passing police cars
             shoot past her empty eyes
        She is deaf to the call.

     Who could lend her eyes
            to rediscover the beauty around?
   Or open her ears to the mockingbird's sound

     And teach her to believe
              that maybe one day
She'll hear the engines of a distant plane

    That'll return with her heart
          That she left buried.
                In the west.
28th-Sep-2014 07:01 pm - The Birds of Love
Soul Reflection

With the birds of March you breezed in
             on the back of the mighty grey goose
       Like in a Lagerlöfesque scene
    it truly was a fairytale dream

The glowing highbeams of your eyes as the sun shone in
        blinded me with starstruck love
                as burning like the heat of July
           that gave our love a home

Then summer left,
          as did the birds of March
   with you on their backs....

   As you were never mine to keep
but merely a loan, life lended me for my mercy.

12th-Dec-2012 11:44 am - Mr. Shadow - November 13th, 2008
Soul Reflection
                       Mr. Shadow, with a burden
                walked across the land
         forth came a knight
                  with an adamant demand
          "Halt!" He said "You cannot proceed"
   "Your eyes are not true
                        merely filled with a greed"

                 Thus, he stopped
                     and his jaw it dropped
           with a vibrant snap to the ground it popped
For the knight's eyes glowed a demonic red
      which over his whole being wildly it spread

          "Thy soul is too pure for these forsaken lands
   thy feet too soft for its blackest of sands
              only the lost children of the shepherd it takes
                   to understand the enticement of a tundra in flames
         to see the most wonderful fairytale dreams
     and convert them into some nightmarish ideas"

  So the Shadow returned to whence he once came
                where the colors and the tastes are all just the same
      since it takes a truly tormented being
            to see the complex beauty in a torturous feeling.

©CaMillA (MiCki) V.
12th-Dec-2012 10:47 am - Guilt - November 12th, 2008
Soul Reflection
            A long lost fool in a rain of shame
                        Walking alone with a baggage of blame
Hearing the echo of a broken whisper
       The screams of a conscience of a soulful of blisters

               Where art thou, my punisher?
                             I need my saviour tonight
          Like a summer's breeze in the coldest of winter
Your sword of justice cuts this emotional splinter

                  A blackened trail of torched promises
   lead me on through this one way canyon
                        on I walk to that land of drought
for my arid heart its verdict to be brought

        Yes, I can see it now
the darkness
     the darkness at the end of my phosphorous tunnel
             There lieth my end
                                    my cave
   Where my rotten soul shall become the black lord's slave

©CaMillA (MiCki) V.
12th-Dec-2012 10:26 am - Triplechallenge - November 12th, 2008
Soul Reflection
   A circle of doom
                 beyond a hallway of darkness
A blindfolded pick
          Which door do I choose?

             One is new and full of wonder
One is safe and calm with soothe
                      Third one's blackness makes me ponder
        Beyond which one will I find my truth?

   Walk through the hallway
                  the walls lean above me
           Nothing's ever enuff-er!

      One key shaped like a fiery lion
its safety and constant I've grown to rely on
                   One not yet molded in the form of my heart
       The third one was there
                       right from the start

©CaMillA (MiCki) V.
12th-Dec-2012 08:35 am - PLASTIC - April 1st 2008
Soul Reflection

   The reflection of an exhausted soul
gazing through at an artificial world
       It seems like the perfect moment to tell you

But you're not there

  A hazy light
    creating a mist
       over a deserted one-way lane

You're all that is real
         A perfect moment

When the rest of the world is plastic.

©CaMillA (MiCki) V.

12th-Jun-2010 10:02 am - End Station
Soul Reflection
There was a time
        when I was at peace
or maybe I wasn't...
    I wasn't
I'm not quite sure anymore

      Nothing ever makes sense
but who ever told you it would?
         I don't wanna wait a lifetime
   So I define my own span

I've made up my mind
     this is the end
      this is the end
I have had my lifetime
        this is enough

I used to think
   my soul is like Greek Fire, eternal
       but I was wrong
I am impressed
by the madness of these ages

Now I am
     nothing but a corpse burnt to coal
        I refuse to co-exist
   with humankind

this is the end
  this is the end
    I have had my lifetime
this is enough


©CaMillA (MiCki) V.
25th-Jul-2007 12:04 pm - Second class citizen
Soul Reflection
     I live in their shadow
                    the Golden Girls
Few recognize my beauty, my strength

  Only the top will do
      give you a place in the sun
and you run
   I will never win your respect
           I am the condolence prize
And I know I'm not perfect
                                  the defect
            for I am silver

  If love is blind
            why do I find
                people find their beauty one of a kind
My qualities, my pride
                          hidden behind
     their shimmering smile

©CaMillA (MiCki) V.
22nd-Jul-2007 03:38 am - Ode to a boy
Soul Reflection
My life as a walking contradiction did not end
        as you entered my heart
    You only made my agony less forgivable

    Even Aphrodite would burn
burn me in the furnace of her passion

In my dreams I had met you a thousand times
                     but you were always a different shape
I cannot recognize
     the savior love sent me

Without you, I couldn't have written this piece
                         you bring me the turmoil
           that I need to find peace

©CaMillA (MiCki) V.
22nd-Jul-2007 03:24 am - Split Love
Soul Reflection
A violent burst

  A flow of burning magma
       from a hollow heart's chest
incinerating all in its reach

A once candid heart
        now ashen
  released into the future unknown

and doubted are these feelings I have
   the feelings
       wihtout which we can't say we're alive

Forgive me
I am the prisoner of his heart

but it is still you

your flow finishes my ocean
                                  I wouldn't exist
       if it weren't for your emotion

©CaMillA (MiCki) V.
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